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Since 2018, MUD has sponsored the MUD Literary Prize (MLP), recognising the best first literary novel by an Australian author with a cash prize and special presentation ceremony as part of Adelaide Writers' Week. It now stands as one of the most important literary awards for new writers in the country. The philosophy behind the prize is an acknowledgement that while literary fiction plays a vital role in the cultural life of Australia, and internationally, it rarely offers writers a living wage. The prize acknowledges that most writers need funds to make it possible to write. The prize is one that the writer may spend as they see fit – to live, to travel, to explore and be inspired by new ideas.

In early 2023 the MUD committee was delighted to announce that the prize would double to a monetary value of $10,000 to the winning entry made possible by a donation from the Nunn Dimos Foundation. Ongoing support like this will see the MLP become a permanent and significant prize for debut Australian writers. Members of the MUD Literary panel for the 2025 prize will be Andrew Saies (chair), Louise Adler, Laura Kroetsch, Noel Grieve, David Sly, and Mandy Thomas.


We are committed to ensuring the security of this Prize in perpetuity.

We have been thrilled at the response of a number of our members to meet the challenge to hit the target figure for the fund to achieve earlier this year.

A big thank you and congratulations to you our generous members and the Nunn Dimos foundation for jumping in again. 

To elevate the prize to the next step of course is our commitment.  Your   

contributions can still be paid simply, safely and directly by credit card or direct debit through this  link:  

Any donation to the MUD Literary Prize (MLP) is tax deductible as it comes to us through the Australian Communities Foundation.


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Prizewinners to date

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